About Prerto

PRERTO is a luxury fashion jewellery company based out of Mumbai.  Back in the day, it began with us exclusively selling online. Fast forward to today, the brand is sold in select, high-end stores including Minerali, Atosa, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop and Bombaim to name a few.

PRERTO is highly versatile. It essentially is a cross between classy, sophisticated and edgy style frames. Our offerings pan across a very eclectic range because we believe that jewellery is extremely personal and there should be something for everybody.

We present our customers with statement, eye catchy jewellery through a luxurious experience. This experience is translated both online and offline along with the flexibility of the shoppers own space and time convenience. We, at PRERTO, are passionate about creating a brand that is based and developed on the need of our customers. The line has an extensive celebrity following including Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Shraddha Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, Vanessa Hudgens among several others.

Prerna Agarwal - Prerto
Founder of PRERTO - Prerna Agarwal

Since Prerna’s personal style is a fusion of sophisticated and edgy, it was only fitting that PRERTO’s aesthetic infuses a fix of both, and that is exactly what it is. PRERTO jewellery can be worn by a range of personalities. The idea is that each person can interpret and wear the jewellery in their own unique way. Two people can never have the same style – similarly, the way two people carry off the an accessory can never match. She believes that fashion jewellery should be expressive and play to your moods and lifestyle, it ought to be eclectic and that’s what we aim to achieve with each collection.

At PRERTO, we try to ensure that there never remains an outfit that our accessories don’t pair with.  Our jewellery is bold and effortless, can be easily mixed and matched, which is definitely the underlying theme of the collections.

Prerto Boxes

Prerna Agarwal, our founder, grew up in Mumbai, India and started PRERTO with the support of our other directors Ashwini Gupta and Sapna Agarwal. PRERTO was incepted in December 2012. It is an amalgamation of Prerna’s education over the years and an extension of her personality.

She strongly believes that accessories truly tell your personality. Women get emotionally attached to jewellery – its a great way to own your look. After completing high school, Prerna went onto study computer science, economics and fashion, and somewhere along the way, the idea of PRERTO surfaced. Things fell into place and here we are today!

Prerna Agarwal


“Apparently, ‘PRERTO’‎ accessories are the new craze and I was very right to choose them as a gift. Your designs are spectacular and your customer service awesome!” – Dhruv Dutt

“Since I’m not a girly girl and definitely not into accessories much it was a revelation stumbling upon your site…. I could voice my style with only a few key pieces!! So thank you! The assistance I got was very helpful (I had a time crunch) and obviously the pieces are great!” – Nikhita Sharma

“PRERTO, it’s truly and magically perfect! Every single piece is just beautiful… and they’re all stunning , I think it only gets better and better with time. Your service too is amazing , you’ll are bang on time… according to me it’s just perfect and requires no change.” – Prerna Jashnani

“Love your innovative designs, its only because of this earring that I have started loving jewellery and now the compliments don’t stop.. double the love to you” – Nikita Suresh